3rd International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies

Keeping up with technologies to create cognitive city by highlighting its safety, sustainability, efficiency, imeagebility and liveability


Cognitive city is a paradigm that leverages information technology and artificial intelligence along with human cognition for improving decision-making and resource allocations in urban services delivery. A cognitive city is one that learns and adapts its behaviour based on past experiences and is able to sense, understand and respond to changes in its environment. The role of the individual citizen in shaping a cognitive city is critical in the success of its governance processes, as is the integration of diverse performance measures that reflect the values of various stakeholders in the urban environment.

Source: Mostashari, Arnold, Mansouri, Finger, «Cognitive cities and intelligent urban governance» Network Industries Quarterly, vol. 13, n. 3, 2011


The conference examines the formation and presentation of knowledge on technologies and the environment, as well as ethical considerations and potential risks, developing solutions, expertise and discussions with respect to one of the future development concepts – cognitive city.

The stated objective point to the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach to this matter, identification and establishment of relationships between issues of technological development, environmental protection and social change. Consequently the conference program and research are based on the knowledge of several academic disciplines: engineering and technical sciences, cognitive sciences, humanities and social sciences.

The main tasks of the conference are defined in order to discuss the issues related to

  • the future of society and places,
  • creation of cognitive city, its facilities and infrastructure in line with needs of inhabitants,
  • development of institutions and regulations with an aim of creating safe, sustainable, efficient, imageable and liveable environment, and
  • creation of favourable conditions for the advancement of innovation and business to achieve a good quality of life.

Having in mind the conference goals and objectives, we wish to research and understand from the critical aspect the importance and role of technology in design and creation of cognitive city through:

  • Technological perspective
  • Built environment perspective
  • Government perspective
  • Social perspective
  • Economic perspective
  • Security perspective, etc.

On behalf of the organisers, partners and supporters of the previously held conferences, founding members of the Organising Committee express their gratitude to all participants for their immense contribution to the PT2014 Belgrade and PT2015 Nova Gorica.