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3rd International Academic Conference on Places and Technologies

The conference examines the formation and presentation of knowledge on technologies and the environment, as well as ethical considerations and potential risks, developing solutions, expertise and discussions with respect to one of the future development concepts – cognitive city.

The stated objective point to the necessity of a multidisciplinary approach to this matter, identification and establishment of relationships between issues of technological development, environmental protection and social change. Consequently the conference program and research are based on the knowledge of several academic disciplines: engineering and technical sciences, cognitive sciences, humanities and social sciences.


Keynote Speakers:

Dr Andreas Luible _ M Photo BW

Dr Andreas Luible

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Lucerne, Switzerland

Carlos Smanioto Santos

Dr Carlos Smaniotto Costa

Lusofona University, Lisabon, Portugal

Sasa Begovic _ MPhoto BW

Saša Begović

3LHD studio, Zagreb, Croatia

Dr Aleksandar Kadijević _ Photo BW

Dr Aleksandar Kadijević

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade, Serbia

Conference Benefits:

All papers will be presented at the conference via Power Point presentation and published in digital Conference Proceedings with ISBN number.

The best papers will be published in post conference monograph and international scientific journal.

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